Our Services

LBNet provides IT consulting services for small, medium and enterprise businesses. We provide planning, budget, architecture, design, implementation and migration services that are realistic, based on sound principles and proven design.  LBNet will design high demand, highly secure, agile, flexible and scalable IT services. We provide services for upgrades, migrations, integration and support.

Over 30 years experience supporting Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses

IT Consultation and Services for Business

Providing appropriate and relevant services based on sound IT computing principles, LBNet offers consulting services to help you optimize your IT environment. Whether you require new services, upgrades, or migrations, let LBNet provide you with expertise to help your business. Specializing in business office services, LBNet can provide solutions and execute tasks for your business needs and outline a roadmap for your future computing environment.

IT Integration Specialists

Integrating systems and applications within a business is not a trivial task.  With experience in highly integrated complex enterprise, medium and small business environments, LBNet uses that experience to provide integration solutions that are proven, modern and based on standard IT computing principles.  Whether you have a new system to deploy, are retiring an old system, migrating from one system to another, migrating services to the Cloud, or integrating services and applications after an acquisition, we can help.

IT Services for the Home

Home computer systems have become important tools to manage many aspects of your day. The home computer is used for working from home, paying bills, scheduling events, communicating, sharing, and much more. Is your home computer network and configuration healthy and running optimally? LBNet will assess your home configuration, provide optimization recommendations and configure your computer(s), network and internet connectivity for best functionality and performance.

Remote Site Network Installation and Support

Without a reliable internet connection your computer systems have difficulty with some of the most basic internet services. LBNet provides expertise in remote internet services. We assess, test and deploy remote internet access to some of the most difficult locations. Internet services at your cabin by the lake, your RV seasonal site in the mountains, your farm or ranch in the foothills, or mobile installations for your car, truck or RV. LBNet provides solutions and installation for nearly any scenario. LBNet solutions include high speed 4G/5G cellular with optional boosters and external antennas that mount on a building, on a mast, fixed to a fence, or mounted on a vehicle or trailer. If cellular coverage is not available LBNet provides installation, configuration and support for Starlink satellite services. We combine a variety of solutions to provide exceptional performance to support video streaming (e.g. Netflix), real-time video conferencing (e.g. Zoom or Teams), phone VoIP (e.g. Bell, Telus, Rogers or Shaw WiFi calling), corporate VPN connectivity, and regular internet access. We also provide short term rental options for internet access in remote locations using our cellular and satellite services.

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